The Dropout mini series. (Photo source:

Theranos Going Downhill

Penulis Alda Agustine Budiono 12 Mei 2024

The Dropout mini series teaches important things about honesty, trust, and integrity.

Heaven’s Promise for The Sake of Votes

Penulis Prima Mulia23 Februari 2024

The presidential and legislative campaigns in the General Elections 2024 are selling promises of "heaven". Everyone is persuading to win the people's vote.

Political Advertisements Board that Invaded Campus

Penulis Tim Redaksi1 Februari 2024

Political advertisements have flooded Bandung, not just on the main roads. In campus areas, politicians target students as young voters.

Conflicting Area: How it Affect Children’s Psychological Condition

Penulis Marsha Adzra Luthfia Ariananda28 Desember 2023

Children’s distress state can turn into a more dangerous mental disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Preanger Planters, the Group of Failures

Penulis Alex Ari9 Desember 2023

The story of the Preanger Planters in Priangan is not only a story of success. Behind it, there are also stories of failures.

NGULIK BANDUNG: PGN Braga Building, Proof that Bandoeng Had an Intracity Gas Network in Colonial Times

Penulis Merrina Listiandari3 Desember 2023

In colonial times, the majority of large cities in the archipelago already enjoyed intracity gas networks. Bandung is one of them.

Map of Violence Cases Against Student Press in Bandung Area 2013-2023

Penulis Reza Khoerul Iman2 Desember 2023

In the last ten years, there are 61 violence cases against 19 student press organization (LPM/Persma) recorded in Bandung area.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: A Brief History of the Royal Military Academy in Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari2 Desember 2023

On the eve of World War II, the Dutch colonial government established the Royal Military Academy in Bandung. Many native youths were accepted as cadets.

NGULIK BANDUNG: Tramweg in Bandung

Penulis Ahmad Fikri25 November 2023

The construction of a tramway to the plantation areas south of Bandung was supported by conglomerate of Cinchona and tea factories. It connects Bandung with Ciwidey.

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Nagara Padang Ciwidey and Symbols of the Journey of Human Life

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika24 November 2023

A trip to the Mount Nagara Padang Ciwidey site is a journey to reflect on the meaning of life's journey. Vandalism and trash are threats to its sustainability.

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