View of the southern side of the Burangrang Mountains, Mount Tangkuban Parahu, and Mount Putri in the north of the Bandung basin, captured from Mount Buleud, December 2021. (Photo: Gan-gan Jatnika)

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Tangkuban Parahu, The Legend of Sangkuriang and its Geological History

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika22 September 2023

The allure of Mount Tangkuban Parahu, in the north of Bandung, was closely intertwined with the legend of Sangkuriang. Reported eruptions 18 times since 1829-2005.

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Geulis Manggahang, the Highest Peak of the Baleendah Barisan Hills

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika19 September 2023

From the peak of Mount Geulis Manggahang in Baleendah, one can relish the view of the Bandung basin. Unfortunately, the condition of this area is increasingly concer

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Putri Lembang, the Myth of Dayang Sumbi and the History of the Dutch Fort

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika16 September 2023

Mount Putri Lembang offers beautiful scenery, adventure, geological landscapes, and history. Local residents feel its beneficial impacts.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: History of Urban Legends in Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari15 September 2023

Through mystical stories, people can learn the history of a city. In Bandung, urban legends were born alongside colonial modernization in the early 20th century.

How Bandung’s Waste Crisis Poses Multiple Threats for Women

Penulis Emi La Palau15 September 2023

Poor waste management in Bandung put women under significant threats. From unpleasant odors, fire smoke, to reproductive disease sources.

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Manglayang, Blessings of Sanctity and Beauty that Towering in Eastern Bandung

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika14 September 2023

Towering in eastern Bandung, Mount Manglayang presents beauty and sanctity. This area also provides clean water for many residents in the Bandung basin.

MOUNTAINS IN GREATER BANDUNG: Mount Sangar Arjasari, Small and Beautiful at the Foot of the Malabar Mountains

Penulis Gan Gan Jatnika13 September 2023

Mount Sangar Arjasari was once known as a frightening and eerie location. Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist destination in southern Bandung.

DEAD END: How Christians Continously Being Denied to Build Church in Bandung Regency

Penulis Awla Rajul12 September 2023

In Bandung Regency, incidents of prohibition of worship and rejections of church building permit keep recurring. Mass organizations protest, bureaucracy obstructs.

AN OPEN LETTER TO KING WILLEM-ALEXANDER: Is It True that the Three Muller Brothers Are Relatives of the Dutch Royal Family?

Penulis Hilma Safitri30 Agustus 2023

First, is the Muller family related to the Dutch Royal Family? Secondly, is it true that Queen Wilhelmina once commissioned George Hendrikus Wilhelmus Muller?

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