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    Alex Ari

Portrait of an office in the Parakan Salak plantation complex, Sukabumi. (Photo source: www.tropenmuseum.nl)

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Preanger Planters, the Group of Failures

PENULIS Alex Ari 9 Desember 2023

The story of the Preanger Planters in Priangan is not only a story of success. Behind it, there are also stories of failures.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: A Brief History of the Royal Military Academy in Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari2 Desember 2023

On the eve of World War II, the Dutch colonial government established the Royal Military Academy in Bandung. Many native youths were accepted as cadets.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Exploring Pangaritan in East Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari14 November 2023

The name Pangaritan comes from the area where people harvest hay to feed cattle. Now this area in eastern Bandung has been replaced into a residential area.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Association of Javanese Fellowship in the Land of Sunda

Penulis Alex Ari6 November 2023

During his escape in Bandung, some of Prince Diponegoro’s soldiers started a batik business, became big merchants, and then successfully developed Himpunan Saudara.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Jenny’s Elegy at Gambung Plantation

Penulis Alex Ari3 November 2023

Jenny Elisabeth Henriette Roosegarde Bisschop witnessed the rise and fall of her husband, R.E. Kerkhoven’s plantation business in Gambung. Her life ended tragically.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Bung Hatta in Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari14 Oktober 2023

Bung Hatta left many stories in Bandung, from his first meeting with Sukarno, political activities in PNI, and meeting his wife.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Patrol Village, Bubonic Plague and Covid-19 Pandemic

Penulis Alex Ari7 Oktober 2023

In the past, the bubonic plague was accompanied by policies to restrict residents’ access. The residents of that time made a village called Patrol.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: The Spark of Haryoto Kunto’s name in Greater Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari27 September 2023

Haryoto Kunto bequeathed series of books that became references for people to learn about the history of Bandung.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: Bandung’s Preparation Period

Penulis Alex Ari23 September 2023

The preparation period in Bandung, from the proclamation to the Bandung Lautan Api incident, were times of death. There were robberies, arson, and even massacres.

NGALEUT BANDUNG: History of Urban Legends in Bandung

Penulis Alex Ari15 September 2023

Through mystical stories, people can learn the history of a city. In Bandung, urban legends were born alongside colonial modernization in the early 20th century.

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